How to Grill Barbecue Ribs

Barbequing isn’t just a matter of throwing any old slab of meat onto a burning grill with reckless abandon. There are certain steps that one has to follow in order to grill truly tasty and tender barbequed ribs.

First of all, one has to pay close attention to the type of ribs that they are going to barbeque. Whether they may be baby back, short ribs or spareribs, each of them come with their own specific recipes and cooking procedures. Being educated on the qualities of the different kinds of ribs will be helpful in knowing how to prepare them best.

It is important that the ribs are properly seasoned. One recommendation is to smother the ribs with a thin coat of mustard and then apply a liberal dash of seasoning, rubbing it well into the meat on the ribs. The marinated ribs must then be wrapped and refrigerated for a period of around 4 to 48 hours.

The next step is cooking the ribs, that is, the first cooking before the final cooking on the barbeque grill. There are a number of methods for carrying out the initial cooking. One option is to cut the ribs into pieces ideal for serving and cooked low on a slow cooker, such as a Crockpot, for about 10 hours. Another method is to place the ribs in a large tightly-covered roasting pan and bake it in an oven at a temperature of 225 degrees for around 6 to 8 hours.

If one chooses to cook the ribs in an electric roaster, the ribs should be cut in the same way as in the slow cooker technique and then cook them for a period of around 6 to 8 hours. But perhaps the easiest way of pre-cooking ribs is to boil them. It is not necessary to rub the ribs first before doing this method. While boiling in a large pot, the ribs would be seasoned with bay leaves, celery, garlic, chopped onions, liquid smoke, and 2 tablespoons of barbecue rub. The heat is cut down to a simmer afterwards. Depending on the cut, ribs can take around one to 3 hours to cook. For instance, compared to other ribs like baby back, spareribs take a lot more time to cook when simmered.

For basting the ribs, the lids on slow cookers and electric roasters envelop the meat’s juices, thus causing them to “self-baste” repeatedly. In basting oven-baked ribs, they must be kept moist by basting them every 30 minutes using a “mop,” which is a mixture made up of either beer or 4 cups of apple cider vinegar combined with 3 tablespoons of barbeque rub. It is recommended that the first cooking be done one day before the barbeque, especially if one expects to serve a large number of people.

When the ribs have been cooked to its preferred tenderness, they are finally ready for barbequing on the grill. Setting the heat of the grill to medium, the ribs are placed onto the grill and left to cook for around 5 minutes on both sides. They are then marinated with the barbeque sauce of one’s choice and the sides are once more cooked for an additional 5 minutes each. Afterwards, they are left to stand for a few more minutes to cool them down a bit before serving.

Barbequing takes quite a bit of work and a whole lot of patience. But one can’t rush perfection, and all the time and effort expended will be well worth it when the result is a succulent feast of excellent, tender, mouth-watering grilled ribs.

Tips for Purchasing the Best Electric Grills For Your Home

There’s no better way to host a family dinner than to barbecue juicy steaks, chicken and fish for a delicious meal. There are so many electric grills to choose so purchasing the right one for the home can be a very overwhelming task. The following are tips to helping you get started so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase later on in the future.

Perhaps one of the first things you should look for is whether the grill is easy to assemble and set up. Most brands these days can literally be set up in less than 10 minutes so it shouldn’t be too hard finding a grill with these features. You then want to determine how much space you will need as there are grills with 100 square inch cooking surfaces to those that are up to 300.

If health is a concern for you, then considering getting a grill that has a sloping surface as this will drain out all the fat into a grease tray. This is beneficial for obvious reasons as you eat a much healthier meal while also losing a bit of weight. You might worry that this would take away the entire flavor but this is simply not the case.

One last factor to take into consideration is that you definitely want to have nonstick surfaces so that you can effortless remove the food without it sticking. In addition, this will also make it much easier to clean. You may also want to get a grill that has removable plates so that you can simply throw it in the dishwasher without having to spend hours scrubbing.

The Outdoor Electric Grill – Age Old Functions With a Modern Twist

Nothing beats spending your weekends in the company of friends, family, and a backyard barbecue. This has been our tradition for generations. It is a time for relaxation, fun, bonding, and feasting. However, conventional gas and charcoal grills come with an assortment of hazards. Charcoal grills have proven to be messy and difficult clean, due to all the ash and soot that comes after grilling. Gas grills are risky to use, since these grills can potentially explode if an accident were ever to happen. Both these grills emit harmful pollutants when they are used. Since we love using our grills, it will be hard to put a halt to the tradition. Thankfully we never have to do that. Thankfully, there is an outdoor electric grill.

These grills are essentially similar to conventional gas and charcoal grills when it comes to functionality. They all cook the food in the same way, but it is in the way they heat the food that differs. Charcoal grills make the use of heat from burning charcoal to heat and cook food. Gas grills make the use of heat from combusting gas to heat and cook food. Both pose dangers to humans and the environment. On the other hand, an outdoor electric grill makes use of electricity to heat and cook food. In this way, there is no risk of explosions, no mess, and no harm to the environment.

You no longer have to worry about giving up what we have been accustomed to throughout the years. You no longer have to give up grilling in fear of being scrutinized. You no longer have to give up the fun, relaxation, companionship, and good food. You can both enjoy your weekend, and save the environment all at the same time; thanks to the age old functions of an outdoor electric grill with a modern twist.