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Best Barbecue Smokers For Good Eatin’

Even if you have years of experience barbecuing under your belt and continue to cook up BBQ masterpiece after masterpiece, there is always plenty of room for improvement when you consider the latest options for barbecue smokers. These beauties make it easier than ever for you to grill up some of the most delicious tasting backyard treats yet. Take a look at some of the top features that you should look for in order to make sure that you are able to continue improving your barbecuing prowess like never before.

First, it should be noted that there is a very wide variety of different barbecue smokers that you can choose from, which means you will need to carefully consider your options before you buy. This includes making sure that you do a direct comparison of the different features that are offered by each model. While at first glance many of these models may seem exactly the same, you still need to make sure that you are comparing the same exact features in order to get the very best value. Otherwise, you may end up making the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a smoker that simply does not match up to the top models.

One of the first features that you should always check for when considering your choices is whether or not the smoker has a stainless steel grate. Specifically, it will be especially helpful for you to look for smokers that feature T-304 food grade stainless steel grates. Yes, this specific type of feature will most likely cost you a bit more money on the front end, but the virtual lifetime durability that they will provide you with help you to more than get your money’s worth. And not only do they not rust, they will also help you to significantly reduce your cleaning and maintenance time. In addition, their solid state capabilities help to prevent food contamination for a much safer cooking experience.

You will also want to make sure that your smoker features reinforced door latches for added durability and smooth operation. Add in a double tiered rack for more cooking space too, allowing you to have a much easier time of cooking for larger groups of guests.

Finally, even though today’s barbecue smokers feature some very reliable designs that you can truly depend on to provide you with years of loyal service, it is still nice to know that there are plenty of high quality replacement parts such as reinforced grill covers and smoker chimneys that make it very convenient and easy for you to keep your smoker in top working order throughout the years.

Never Done A Barbecue Before? Here Are Some Great Hints And Tips

When the sun is shining brightly in the sky it usually means barbecue time for so many people on a global scale. If you are looking for some new ideas or you have never done a barbecue before then rest assured you will come away with some extra knowledge right here today. Barbecues can be great way for people to interact and enjoy time together so by reading these hints and tips carefully you can enjoy all the good comments you shall receive after you follow this advice laid out here today.

Knowing what your barbecue appliance can do and allowing yourself to position it in a place that is safe and more productive is going to make things a whole lot simpler for you. If you are using a traditional charcoal device, then it is always a good idea to place it where there is a good breeze so the flames from the fire-lighters can reach every charcoal piece effectively. Once you have accomplished this then you can rest assured that once the flames go out you are ready to start cooking. This does not apply to gas or electric appliances as they can be adjusted by simply turning the heat up or down when you feel like doing so.

Remember to be safe and ensure young children and animals are at a safe distance from your barbecue. Have all the necessary fire protection equipment available just in case things get out of hand. Also, ensure you clean your appliance after using it so you enjoy using for the next summer season. Being prepared for the feast is vital and not having all the necessary cooking tools available can spell disaster. Just try to think ahead of all that you require before you begin and make a simple but effective plan of action to ensure maximum enjoyment.

To get maximum pleasure out of what you are cooking try using various flavours and sauces by adding them to the meats before cooking them. You will find that they taste great once cooked and will avoid any dryness from the meat which is always disappointing after putting so much effort into your cooking. Always read the cooking instructions on the back of the box before cooking as some foods have to be thoroughly defrosted before cooking them.

Finally, it is vital you get everything organised before you begin. There is nothing worse than starting a barbecue and realising you are missing something and everything has been ruined. Just keep things simple at first and then move onto bigger and more challenging barbecues once you feel you are confident to do so.

Summer Heat Equals Higher Electric Bills

With the summer’s heat well on the way our thoughts begin dwelling on many outdoor activities from camping trips to barbecues on the patio and they also turn too a remembrance of last years high electric bills as our electrical usage climbs. Both homes and businesses using air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, ballast lighting systems or induction motors tend to experience the highest electric bills and while there are a number of reasons for this there is but one overall proven solution to reducing costs.  This same solution also greatly improves the energy efficiency of the entire electrical system and with power costs continuing to climb with no end in sight there is no time like the present to finally take care of this problem and take a large bite out of your monthly electric costs.

The primary problem with nearly all electrical systems regardless if it is your home or business is the electrical distribution systems power factor. In fact, poor power factor is the primary culprit in the constant over heating of electrical motors which are responsible for running everything from your air conditioners to all those refrigerators and freezers we depend on. Motors that are subjected to this heat on a regular basis have their operational lives cut shorter than motors which run at cooler temperatures so if the monthly bill caused by them is not enough to motivate you into improving your power factor and thereby your energy efficiency, then perhaps the strong possibility of having to replace these systems when they breakdown is. The single best way in correcting this problem is by installing what is known as a power factor conditioner which is a capacitor based system that has been designed and tested to greatly improve your power factor so that the otherwise wasted reactive power in your electrical system is stored rather than allowed to be wasted through heat dissipation in your appliances motors.

Another big problem with many structures is their ventilation and insulation materials which do not adequately shield the interior from radiant heat that is allowed to build up in attic crawl spaces which create static hot air layers that prevent the proper ventilation of the entire building. It is strongly recommended that these spaces should be lined with a thin film material known as radiant barrier and kept well ventilated by the use of solar powered attic vent fans. Keeping these air spaces well protected and ventilated is the single best way in greatly reducing how often your air conditioning systems will power up because the interior air is now kept far cooler than it would otherwise be with a static layer of hot air preventing it. This same radiant barrier can also be applied to air ducts and hot water pipes insulating them so that they will retain the temperature of air and water moving through them which will lower your energy costs in heating your water and both heating and cooling of your buildings air year round.