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10 Ways To Ensure Food Cooked On A Barbecue Is Safe And Pleasurable To Eat

Every year barbecues are responsible for thousands of cases of food poisoning and sometimes death amongst the more susceptible groups.

Barbecues are great. The foodstuff tastes good, it’s a social event and it gives a person who doesn’t usually cook (usually the husband/boyfriend/male partner) time to shine with their culinary skills. However, there are two major reasons why barbecues cause poisoning.

  • Cross contamination of ready to eat ingredients (such as bread rolls for burgers/sausages/steaks) from raw meat juices which contain pathogenic bacteria. The cook handles the raw meat products, do not wash their hands and transfers the deadly bacteria to the bread rolls, ready for eating and illness.
  • Heating food to a temperature that will allow survival of pathogens. Foodstuff must be heated to a temperature that will kill the bacteria and render it safe to eat.

Here are ten things you can do to prevent a bout of foodborne disease which will result in illness and possibly death, including some quality tips:

  1. Keep raw ingredients totally separate from ready to eat foods.
  2. Wash your hands well in soapy water after touching raw meat and raw vegetables. (Soil on raw vegetables is a major source of pathogenic organisms.
  3. Check the internal temperature of cooked foods to ensure it has reached at least 75°C or 167°F. This temperature will ensure that it is safe to eat.
  4. Do not touch pets during the preparation of ingredients as they harbour many illness causing organisms.
  5. Wash salad ingredients well in cold running water. Salad leaves are a major source of germs.
  6. Keep turning the meat over whilst it is cooking to ensure it doesn’t become burnt on either side.
  7. If using a charcoal barbecue, ensure the coals are covered in a light grey ash before cooking. If you use a lighting fluid or firelighters to ignite the coals, wait for the flames to die down or your meal will taste of kerosene.
  8. For better tasting rolls, grill the cut sides on the barbecue.
  9. When the meal is cooked, keep it hot or serve it straight away.
  10. You can use electric, gas or charcoal barbecues, the coal ones, however, give a better outdoor flavour to the food.

So barbecuing is a great way to meet new and old friends and family. Even cooking over burning wood in a forest is something that adds greatly to your camping experience, but always make sure you prepare, cook and serve your food safely. One of the most useful devices you can use during outdoor cooking is a Digital Thermometer. It is not expensive, but it can prevent serious illness and possibly death.

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Presto Electric Griddle – The Benefits of Buying Electric Griddles

If you’re searching for the right electric griddle which will allow you to make a wonderful breakfast or even a tasty barbecue grill, then you will be happy to find that there is really a terrific range to pick from. The really good news is the fact that you certainly will not hurt your wallet by ordering one of these great utensils for the kitchen.

One Good Example – The Presto Tilt N Drain Big Griddle

If you are looking for a really impressive griddle and grill then you may like to consider the Presto Tilt N Drain Big Griddle. This is a 1500 watt electric griddle that will enable you to cook a number of foods in a speedy as well as efficient method. Just by adjusting the grilling surface area, you are able to choose to fry up a few eggs or perhaps some hot cakes on top of the flat surface area or you can tip it so that you can grill some bacon or sausages and watch while the excessive oil simply drains off.

This specific electric griddle measures around 24 by 18.5 by 5 inches. This means the cooking surface area of the grill is adequate to accommodate as much as 12 pancakes or perhaps pieces of French toast at one time.

As soon as you start this electric griddle it’ll warm up and spread that heat nice and evenly making sure that all food will cook all at once.

The protective characteristics which are vital for this griddle range from the cool to the touch base plus the non-stick surface. This will make sure you are able to remove the cooked food from the griddle plate without difficulty.

There are of course plenty of different models and makes that you can choose from. The best way to ensure that you get exactly what it is that you require is if you take a look at what is currently available to buy online. Simply compare and contrast and you are sure to find the perfect electric griddle for your home and family.

A Comparison Study of Electric and Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are the perfect solution to spending those long winter nights outdoors instead of being locked indoors and waiting for the sun to show up. They are these heightened pole heaters having the heating element on the top consisting of provisions for either propane or LPG combustion or for infrared radiation powered by electricity. They are known as propane patio heaters and electric patio heaters, respectively. These heaters are placed in places of constant lower temperature conditions at regular intervals so that it provides a substantial amount warmth and comfort to the people in the vicinity.

These heaters not only provide heat to your patios or backyards but also look very attractive because of the light that they emit which glitters in the night time. These patio heaters make it possible for you to host parties and events at your backyards and not worry about the comfort of the guests during the winter season or cool summer nights. Not just for guests, patio heaters are the perfect means to have quality time spent with your family outdoors on an everyday basis. Whether it is just to spend some precious moments with your loved ones and share some chit chats or cook a meal outside on a barbecue and savor it outdoors with your family on a cool evening without the chill affecting you, patio heaters are your best bet to ward off the cool temperatures.

Electric heaters produce infrared rays with shortwave technology. These radiations produced ensure even heating of the surroundings. These heaters are well suited for closed spaces as well because they do not produce unwanted emissions due to combustion of fuel. They are clean and odor free and can be plugged everywhere around the house without the fear of anything catching fire. There never arises a need to buy gas re-fills. Moreover, since these electric heaters use radiant heat, less heat is lost into the surrounding atmosphere and most of the heat reaches the people trying to keep them warm and cozy. They are available in a vast variety of styles and colors.

On the contrary, we have propane patio heaters whose performance is equally good as compared to the electric heaters. Patio heaters are used for surroundings covering a larger area because it produces large amount of heat. Since they do not require an electrical cord or a plug point they are used as the portable kind of heaters that can be taken to any place outside the house or along with you for your outdoor trips. All you would need is a propane gas refill to carry along with you as a spare to avoid running out of fuel. Propane is easily available and they save you money on your electricity bills. These heaters can also be used indoors because the hot air they produce is entrapped in the space and keeps the place warm.

Both styles of patio heaters are powerful heat generators and are available in varied models that not only fit in your patios but also are available as floor models, tabletop lamp styles and wall or ceiling mounted to direct heat downwards.